“It’s modifying my attitude towards my child. How many times I have had the frustration of not being able to propose something because of the lack of means to communicate! Now it’s easier, it’s like magic. Now I’ve abandoned the passive attitude and I’m more motivated to try to communicate”.

Antonella – Mother of P. (translation from Italian)

“Gigi is drawing.  I show him, on the agenda, the next card with a reading task: he becomes upset and start protesting. So I grab my iPhone and Gigi gets relaxed again: he knows that Immaginario is our way to “negotiate” I add the drawing card next to the reading one and…Gigi is persuaded!”

Maria – Speech therapist and tester (translation from Italian)

“It’s really useful and the technical support gives you good advices. I’m working with the child at school with good results.”

Mara (from iTunes) – assistant teacher (translation from Italian)

“During the holidays it proved really useful. In the last years, far from home without velcro, paper, glue and scissors I felt without the means to let P. understand what to do. With Words in Pictures even the simpler messages become clear…Outstanding! What I wanted to explain has finally become free from ambiguities and misunderstandings.  We could understand each other.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence but  the holidays were really relaxing for everyone. Pietro enjoyed himself, ate, slept and played.”

Antonella – Mother of P. (translation from Italian)

“Recently Davide has been diagnosed with autism… Luckily I’ve found you and your app. I’ve found exceptional feedbacks by letting Davide interacting with your images”

Fabio – Father of Davide (translation from Italian)

“Thanks to Words in Pictures I’ve put away the fear of not having the right card at the right moment. All the images are at hand and if something is missing you can always take a picture: really simple!”

Valentina – Speech therapist and tester (translation from Italian)

“Amazing. A high potential! My job is easier now and the child I follow is more involved in the interaction. He loves the app. [...] It’s over with dull collection of cards and pages to turn”

Io scrivo – from iTunes (translation from Italian)

“Andrea got up before finishing the work and sat on the swivel. I took a picture of him and made the message “work on the desk + swivel chair”. I told him, while showing it, “Andrea, when you are done with the job you can use the swivel chair”. It worked, in addition to that, the next time he asked me “Swivel?”.

Maria – Speech therapist and tester (translation from Italian)

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