Words in Pictures  was developed in Italy thanks to the collaboration between Finger Talks, with expertise in technological development, mobile marketing, communication and PR and distinguished specialists in the medical, scientific and educational fields

  • speech therapists -  Silvia Cattaneo, Valentina Crippa, Maria Montuschi and Roberta Tartaglia of the speech therapy office Parole Tue in Milan
  • educator – Marilena Zacchini
  • neuropsychiatrist – Paolo Manfredi

together with the expertise in technology innovation of  Vidiemme Consulting.

During the design of the app and its testing parents, educators, and supervisors of organizations in the field of autism took part in the development. We want to thank them (special thanks to the Istituto Dosso Verde di Milano and Cascina S. Vincenzo institutes in Milan).

For the English version, we want also to thank:

Marilena Golzi , Director/Speech-Language Pathologist – Carolina Center for Speech and Language

The project is also based on the contribution of an expanding network of organizations, parents, institutes, schools and centres that help the diffusion and the improvement of the application.

The images of the application become to SymbolStix™ library