Words in Pictures is the first app expressly made to offer parents, teachers and specialists a practical and effective instrument for visual communication  to the person affected by autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disability.

Autism causes a difficult understanding of concepts that can be overcome only by the use of pictures to support verbal codes.

Words in Pictures allows to bring with you the cards that link image and concept to be shown to the child. The cards work as the “words” of  visual communication. One can easily search cards, build messages and quickly plan their day on the agenda. The app is developed bearing in mind the needs of parents and specialists who want to interact with the autistic person.



The app is designed with 4 main sections with rapid access to features and appealing graphics:


Look up for the collection of pictures and design new cards to teach meanings

  • more than 60 categories with 1200 symbols (SymbolStix® library), the words of visual communication
  • you can create new cards and ease the understanding: take a picture, use a previously saved image, add texts, categories and the audio files you want
  • it is possible to modify default cards and duplicate them
  • “most used symbols”  and custom folders
  • fast search: text the first letters of a word and instantly get the results

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Creation of rules and instructions for everyday living

  • NEW!: Text the message, the app will quickly translate it into sequences of images.
  • Thanks to word-predicting, the app understands your text since the first letters and shows the images to choose from
  • you can also head to “images” section, design new cards and directly add them to your message
  • save your message for later use or modification. You can also record the audio track of the sequence

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Visual schedule, time planning and routine learning

  • create general, day-by-day topics to schedule timing (e.g. morning, afternoon, evening, at school/home/swimming pool, logopedy, speech therapy)
  • Set up to 4 levels of detail, each one with a vertical sequence of cards standing for places or activities to do
  • save groups of activities and common day-routines for fast access and modification
  • set the zoom level of the cards with side zoom
  • engage the child by letting him choose by a tap between two favourites activities
  • support the understanding and raise the attention by adding symbols to the cards: put a tick (“done!”) or a cross (“you mustn’t!”) on them or turn the cards face down

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To  quickly look up messages in “view only” mode

  • quickly look up frequent messages you saved, show them in “view only” mode (with -if previously recorded- audio track) without risk of modification and promptly manage critical situations
  • you can also hide the text and get the “only images” view

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