Our products are the result of the collaboration among Finger Talks ( technology innovation experience, communication & marketing skills, social commitment ) and experts, such as speech therapists (Parole Tue) and teachers (Rita Bartole & Marco Quaglino) who joined our team as special advisers.

One of the first goals was to build a network of specialists to support our projects: content exchange, user experience, testing and promotion.

In particular, we have considered of the greatest importance to get involved different actors from the beginning: parents, children, educators, speech therapists, psychologists, neuropsychiatrists and several associations of the field, so that we could have a wide support and consider a variety of points of view.

Our apps are designed to ease a direct exchange between adults, teachers or specialists ad children by the means of the device.

After the appearance in the international market, we have enlarged our network to specialists and associations from all over the world.


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