Finger Talks – an App42 Ltd. brand – is established in Milan in 2012. Its goal is to give an alternative and effective answer to the youth with special education needs . The company focuses on the accessibility, motivation, interactivity and inclusion offered by smartphones and tablets.

Finger Talks concentrates its efforts on two paths of mobile app development. On the one hand, instruments of visual communication and comprehension for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders or Intellectual Disability (the first app by the firm is Immaginario/Words in Pictures, published on March 2013), on the other hand, teaching and compensatory instruments aimed to pupils with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dysorthography (the iPad app Aritmeticando  has been published on May 2013).

On January 2014, the app Immaginario has been translated into English, Spanish, French and German and published worldwide on Apple App Store with the name“Words in Pictures”, thus placing the company in the international market.


The company is notable for its expertise in the IT field and in the communication field, in addition to important experience in the area of social responsibility; it collaborates with specialists in the medical, scientific and education field but also with institutes, schools, centres and parents’ organizations.

Thanks to this philosophy, Finger Talks has designed two apps that are highly praised by its users (5 stars on iTunes), by media, associations and specialists. The company has achieved important goals that opened the gates of the international market:

  • December 2013 – Best of App Store 2013 – Aritmeticando, featured Best of App Store 2013 (Italian store) by Apple
  • October 2013 – AboutPharma Digital Awards” – Immaginario, Best app for patients
  • October 2013 – SMAU Mobile App Awards – Aritmeticando, best app for Mobile accessibility
  • June 2013 – “Globo Tricolore” prize – Leading company in the field of Special Education Needs


  • We want to let every child increase their outlook and to live happily, more self-confident, in full integration with people
  • Support adults in managing the daily special needs of their children.


  • By giving an alternative and highly effective solution to the child with special education needs,
  • designing and promoting digital instruments for learning, understanding, communication and therapy,
  • finding solutions that improve the lives of the children and the adults that take care of them